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Research and development of your wellness

ADL Farmaceutici develops products of high technical-scientific content, ensuring maximum efficacy, safety and efficacy to the medical class and patients.

ADL Farmaceutici is certified:

  • Iso13485
ADL Farmaceutici - Nutraceutica - Cosmet
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New entry: online shop

Step into the world of ADL Farmaceutici and discover the products available online for your intimate hygiene and more. Pregnancy products, menopause products and a special section for personal care.

Antonio de Laurentiis - ADL Farmaceutici



We focus on our human resources, we seek excellence , selecting  it carefully .we look at ambitious and high quality standards ,to achieve our goals and ensure a successful  organization in daily operation .

Vuoi far parte anche tu del nostro team e lavorare in un ambiete stimolante dove poter esprimere le tue skills?

Marika de Laurentiis - ADL Farmaceutici
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