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Our company

In 2012 the project of the third generation of de laurentiis family comes to life. With great pride, dr. Antonio and dr. Caterina de Laurentiis, found adl farmaceutici, a company that invests in  nutraceutical segment. With an innovative and professional spirit, with a strategy  oriented to market and to  satisfaction of final costumers. The company is occupied every day in developing  products, all characterized by a high technical-scientific content and high certified quality standards, such as to ensure maximum effectiveness, tolerability and safety for thmedical class and patients.

Bianco Sala Riunioni

Our team

We are focus on our human resources, we seek execellence , selecting  it with careful , looking for ambitious and high quality standards ,for achieving our goals and ensure an successful  organization in daily operation .

Adl farmaceutici's mission is to contribute to the well-being of patients through  development and marketing of nutraceutical, dermocosmetic and medical devices.

Lavora con Noi

Mission & Values

Adl farmaceutici's mission is to contribute to the well-being of patients through  development and marketing of nutraceutical, dermocosmetic and medical devices.



The experience handed by three generations considerably enriches technical-scientific and commercial background.



Following directly all phases of our products, starting from study of improvement of formula, the production and working process to packaging, till the marketing to its control on  market, we carry out our activity with great competence.



Participating  actively and intensely in every phase of development and experimentation of our products, we are able to fully.



Starting from an accurate and depth study of  needs and of patients,  clinical data collected, the latest news in the field of pharmaceutical technology and comparison with  major scientific experts in the field of phyto-nutritional and international collaboration partnerships and innovative partnerships.



Daily comparison withmajor national experts in scientific field allows to be always updated in potential market developments, new formulations, new trends and new ministerial regulations.



We are a company recognized by whole pharmaceutical market in italy and loved by medical class and by those using our products. Aware of this reality and of great expectations in our comparison, we always give the best, committing to guarantee constant standards of excellence over time.



The term "nutraceutics" arises from combination of the terms "nutrition" and "pharmaceutical", and indicates the regulation that investigates all components or active principles of foods with positive effects for health, prevention and treatment of diseases.

The role of nutraceutics becomes decisive for those who want to know in detail what happens when we eat, which principles are activated and with what real consequences on our health.

Nutraceutics means recognizing, through a renewed relationship between biology, chemistry and medicine, closest relationship that exists between our food habits and our health.

What are nutraceutics?

Most of them have vegetable origin so from fruit and vegetables, fibers, soy proteins, phytosterols and polyphenols. Many nutraceutics are found directly in the pharmacy as food supplements. They have effects on the maintenance of well-being, to prevent cardiovascular and degenerative pathologies, they can strengthen  immune system and regulate intestinal functions and be supporting also for sports people.



Cosmetics is set of activities and products that have the purpose of improving  aesthetics of person.cosmetics is divided into: body, face and hair care, personal hygiene and make-up.according to regulation on cosmetics in the european union cosmetic products are "any substance or mixture intended to be applied on the external surfaces of  human body such as epidermis, piliferal system and hair, nails, lips, organs".the ingredients of cosmetic products are regulated by  inci, or an international naming system to catalog the  origin of every single element, natural or chemical. This categorization is important, to know how much a cosmetic product is natural or industrial: it is said that organic or natural cosmetics have a good inci, that is a high percentage of natural ingredients and  absence of petroleum derivatives and preservatives health safety and good quality index of  product .

Dispositivi Medici


According to directive 93/42 / eec, concerning medical devices,  definition of medical device is the following: "any instrument, equipment, implant, substance or other product, used alone or in combination (including the software proper operation) and intended by  manufacturer to be used in humans for the purpose of diagnosis, prevention, control, therapy or relief of a disease; for diagnosis, control, therapy, relief or compensation of a handicap, replacement or modification of anatomy or of a physiological process; of intervention on  conception, which product does not exercise the main action, in or on the human body, to which it is intended, by pharmacological or immunological means nor by metabolic process but which functions may be helped by such means. " these, like drugs, before being placed on market, they must be certified as safe and effective for their field of action, through clinical studies and examinations at authorized facilities.

Medical devices are grouped, according to their complexity and the level of risk for the patient, in four classes: i, iia, iib and iii.

Basically, medical devices can be grouped into two macrocategories: invasive and non-invasive.

Invasive medical devices are those intended to penetrate, even only partially, into the body; non-invasive devices are those which do not enter  human body, neither through orifies, nor through the skin. In their time, the invasive devices are divided into:


1. Devices that penetrate body through orifices.

2. Surgical-type devices, which penetrate through body surface in  context of surgical operations or outside them.

3. Implantable devices, intended to be placed inside  human body, through a surgical intervention.


The complex national legislation, issued for the adjustment to specific cee directives, is aimed to guarantee  safety and performance of medical devices, as well as to prohibit the marketing of products that may compromise  health of cee-markers. The manufacturer must be able to prove that the device is functional under its normal conditions of use, foresee risks and frequency of possible adverse events, in order to reduce them to a minimum compared with beneficiaries. Which needs a simple self-certification, is recognizable by simple cee mark. If we have a brand accompanied by four digits, we are in  presence of medical devices in another class, certified by a notified body and identified by its number.

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