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Products lines

ADL Farmaceutici develops products in close collaboration with the medical-scientific world.

Scrolling down here, you can range from the latest innovation such as the sanitizing line for the body and surfaces, up to the gynecological, pediatric, urological and dermatological line.

Always ask your doctor


A line designed for women of any age, products like intimate hygiene detergent or  vaginal cream against dryness, irritation and vulvo-vaginal  atrophy.

The gynecological line ADL Farmaceutici also contains foam and ovules for vaginal diseases, gel for mastodinia and a series of products designed for symptom of pregnant women.
Choose the most suitable product for you.


Adl farmaceutici products are all available in pharmacy and some also on our online store.



A line designed for the health of your children.

The ADL Farmaceutici line dedicated to children includes a series of supplements in pills, sachets and syrup.

Ask your doctor for information and buy them in all pharmacies.


ADL Farmaceutici is always looking for compositions that can contribute to functionality of urinary system, ensure the balance of intestinal bacterial flora, contribute to proper functioning of ureteli and prostate, to preserve the integrity of free radicals or to perform anti-edema activities.

Ask your doctor and buy them in all pharmacies.



The oleoden dermatological line is developed for daily skin and hair hygiene. Oleoden detergent is rich of active components with moisturizing, purifying, refreshing and protective properties. Oleoden gel instead is suitable for face and body. Useful in the presence of redness, irritation, flaking and "oily skin" (sabacea hyperproduction).

Ask your doctor and buy them in all pharmacies.


A line of products designed for care of family and to respond to most frequent and common problems in general medicine .

Ask your doctor and buy the products in all pharmacies.


Respiratory Line

Taking advantage of the benefits of Thermal Water Rinoterm Kit by ADL Farmaceutici  is a perfect product for irrigation and cleansing of nasal cavities and nebulization for the treatment of cold-related symptoms, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis and inflammation of upper airways, since it supports the regulation of mucociliary clearance.


Ask your doctor for advice and buy the products in all pharmacies.

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